My research focuses on issues of organizational behavior, sustainability of nonurban nonprofit organizations, and diversity within the nonprofit and public administration community (focusing specifically on LGBTQ and Jewish issues). My work has been featured in Journal of Social Service Research, Public Administration Review, Administrative Theory and Praxis and Journal of Social Work. I currently have several papers under review right now. My current research projects include:

  • Administrative homophobia.
  • Supporting LGBTQIA+ individuals in nonprofits.
  • Case studies of social equity in public and nonprofit organizations.

I write about current research into LGBTQIA+ communities and how this research can be used by nonprofits in my free weekly newsletter, The Queer Friendly Nonprofit. Read and subscribe here.

Some of my published work can be downloaded below:

Community philanthropy in South Africa: a case study of grant distribution in the Western Cape

Street-Level Pedagogy: Fostering and Communicating Social Equity Through Course Syllabi

Social Equity and LGBTQ populations in African Public Administration: A Macro and Micro Approach

“Where My Gays At?” The Status of LGBTQ People and Queer Theory in Nonprofit Research

Rainbow Research: Surveying LGBTQ people in the nonprofit sector

The LGBTQIA Common Interest Group of ARNOVA, in conjunction with the LGBTQ Section of ASPA and the Section on Democracy and Social Justice of ASPA, presented a webinar on Creating an Inclusive Work Environment for LGBTQ Employees, for which I was the moderator. The video is available to the left.